David Gilliver: The little people with the huge sweet tooth

IN A tiny world where you could be attacked by a group of wild gummy bears, giant confectionary isn’t always so sweet
Scottish Artist and Photographer David Gilliver created the sugar series based around retro sweets in November 2016.
He said: “I grew up eating all of the sweets that you see in these photos and so there was a lot of nostalgia involved for me when making this work.
“It’s also a bonus that I got to eat some of it after I had finished each photoshoot – carefully avoiding eating any of the little people!”
David has been inventing new scenarios for his small civilisations for over 15 years, since studying Fine Art Photography at the Glasgow School of Art.
Using sprinkles instead of golf balls, to skating across sherbet flying saucers, his new body of work changes the way we view this well-known confectionary.David said: “I think certain foods really help illustrate just how tiny these little figurines are.
“I love coming up with new ideas for how the figures can interact with the objects they are being photographed alongside, and for some reason sweets have become a real personal favourite of mine.”
However positioning such tiny figurines, comes with big challenges.The artist said: “As always, the little people sometimes like to misbehave and end up falling over repeatedly during certain photoshoots.
“I always have to be patient though as it is a pretty fiddly process. This just makes the work all the more rewarding for me though once I have finished making it.”
You can see and purchase David’s ‘Little People’ photographs at: http://www.davidgilliver.com

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